6 Phrases on a Friday

‘Virginia Is For Lovers’

And is also our honeymoon destination!

Virginia is special to us both, and we are thrilled to be able to enjoy it, and all its mountainous grandeur, together as we start our marriage!

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‘falling in love when you are young’

There really is something extraordinay about it,

not knowing what to do or how to figure out life together

rejoicing in the triumphs

braving the mistakes

together, always together.

It is indeed a certain kind of magic.


‘The Perfect and the South Carolina shaped Strawberries’

IMG_9967 copy

IMG_9965 copy

‘Church Sanctuary = Not Wedding Venue // Church Chapel = Wedding Venue’

IMG_9958 copy

photo (5) copy

This darling little chapel is going to be finalized and scheduled as our May wedding venue within just a few days!

It is the grandest little spot which will soon house one of the most beautiful days in history!


‘The best summery of having and recovering from a bad day as a couple I have ever come upon. “

From THIS blog.

“We woke up Sunday morning to clean sheets. Clean sheets and the newspaper waiting for us. But somewhere between those clean sheets and morning paper something went wrong. Not terribly wrong or even very wrong at all. Some days you are just cranky.

You need to do something to shake the crankiness.

So, you ride the subway with your biologist husband for 40 minutes and you roam around a museum filled with models of enormous sea creatures and you feel better about the state of things. You take the stairs instead of the elevator. You park yourselves on a bench and observe tiny human animals mimicking their primate ancestors.

You stop for tea and split a treat. Then you buy another and split that, too.

You come home to make dinner feeling patched and restored and then you bark at each other again.

You take a few breaths.

One of you makes dinner, not two, and by the time that dinner comes out of the oven you’ve worked out the kinks again.

It’s tricky business, traveling in pairs. But those moments on the subway bench, the socked feet tangled on the couch, the taking the stairs two at a time, together: all of that makes any of the crankiness not matter so very much.”


‘Justin and I…circa 2011. ‘ 

In the age of early dating.

They were brilliant times.



Happy Weekend!

Enjoy it!


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