My Man

IMG_0042 copy

IMG_0051 copy

IMG_0057 copy

Many times I feel like Justin and I are just kids, running around trying to make sense of this life.

Still scrambling a bit to build up our knowledge of How To’s and Don’t Do’s.

We are certainly young adults, still learning about the way things should be done,

while fighting for how we want things to be for our future and how our convictions should play into our decisions.

But then there are those moments when I feel like we are ages old,

those times when I feel like our history’s have forever been combined,

how I can’t fathom a time when we weren’t relating as we do today.

Those times when I remember how deeply I feel that he was always meant  to be my man.

And I his lady.

I love to realize when those moments are a reality, because they are overwhelming and breathtaking.

And in those moments all other things are forgotten,

the place, the time, the surroundings, the past, the future.

And it is just us,

my boy, his girl 

and we are the way God has meant for us to be.


The photographs above illustrate a moment like this,

it wasn’t fancy,

it wasn’t out of the ordinary,

we weren’t even talking,

but he was there, doing what men do,

and I was there,

next to him,

and I was suddenly overwhelmed.

And it was brilliant.

And in that moment, I knew again,

how he is indeed my man.

And I, blissfully, his lady.

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