House hunting? Home hunting.

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After Justin and I got engaged, we knew that a big step for us, and our future, was finding a place to live.

At first it was stressful and nerve-wracking and I became a bit frazzled running about looking into any kind of option and thinking through what it was that we wanted and what it was that we could afford and what it was that we could make work.

It all came to halt when we decided our first choice was the on campus apartments at our college.  We went through the application project and excitedly waited to hear back about availability,  but less than a week ago we were informed that there were no one bedroom apartments available for us.

Strangely enough it took about an hour after finding out about that for me to realize that we once again had no leads on a place for us to live, a place which one of us will need to begin occupying in just a month and a half when the dorms officially close!!

So with the return of stress, the search for options began once more!!

Everything became daunting again,

the need to make a right decision,

the need to keep every option open without being hasty about the decision,

and all the stress the phone calls and driving by locations could provide…

…and then, it suddenly hit me,

we aren’t just ‘searching for a place to live‘ … we are ‘house hunting‘ or perhaps better ‘home hunting‘ !!

Surprisingly, I had never once thought of it in that way before,

I had merely thought of it as finding a place to live once we are married,

without really pondering the fact that it will be our very first home, and that the process of securing that home can and should be an exciting adventure and a special part of our time of engagement!

And so, with that renewed mindset,

we have begun to move forward on this exciting venture with a sense of  joyful motivation and more peaceful spirits.

The deadline for a home is still present,

the need to secure it sooner than later is still present,

but the anxiety is replaced with excitement,

and the search has taken on a much more sentimental nature.

We are excited to find our first home,

but we are now also enjoying the road that will take us there!!

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