Easter 2013

IMG_1039 copy

IMG_1040 copy

IMG_1052 copy

IMG_1059 copy

IMG_1071 copy

IMG_1072 copy

IMG_1077 copy

IMG_1078 copyEaster this year was simple and calm.

A service.

An egg hunt.

A family dinner.

A quiet afternoon.

Friends and Dessert.

And an episode of Dr. Who.


The past week has contained futile efforts at re-focusing back onto school, it is just time for the semester to be over.

I get this way at the end of every school year,

tired and unable to concentrate,

yet at the start of each new school year I am rested and excited to begin the process again!

However, I can say with 100% accuracy that I am awaiting with great joy the day when my years of life aren’t cut up between semesters and summers, but rather holidays, life events, anniversaries and more.

And with the above rather poor photographic review of my Easter I leave you,

to again try to see the value in doing homework over watching The Office or Dr. Who.

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