More Than I Even Realize

IMG_1185 copy

This photo was taken on Tuesday night.

– I was at my sister and brother-in-law’s home to take their gender reveal picture for their 1st baby, who arrives in early September, and if you were wondering…it’s a girl. : ) –

I was testing my settings to correct them for the natural lighting and was handing Justin my camera’s lens cap to hold while I shot. I didn’t know I had taken the picture when I did, I was merely snapping some shots, without even looking at the camera, to get an idea of what I needed to fix, but once I saw the photo as I was uploading the pictures to my computer later that night, I fell in love with it.

It, for some reason, just spoke volumes to me of how willing Justin is to help me.

Maybe it’s the ease and rest seen in the motion of his hand as he quietly took this small step to help and support me.

Maybe it’s in the fact that this was a moment that I would have never become aware of if this accidental picture had never been captured.

For whatever reason,

it impressed me with the feeling of joy and peace.


This is just one reason why I love photography, it speaks to me, teaches me, reminds me and inspires me.

I am a quick paced person, and my mind moves swiftly from moment to moment in the day, rapidly thinking and calculating, forming opinions and thoughts as my body follows the cue, writing, recording and running from here to there.

But photography, while teaching me to pause and embrace the current, also allows me to ponder the past, the moments that have gotten away.

And that ability and provision forever makes photography a vital part of who I am.


The simple act of service seen in the photograph above is just a unique and small example of the support that Justin gives me.

I am becoming ever more aware of how important his help is to me,

how his advice, his support, his honest assessments and yes, even his hugs, show me so much grace and love,

more than I ever realized I could receive from our relationship.

I am still understanding so much about how he works to care for me,

and as I understand it more each day I am astounded and humbled.

I am so grateful to be marrying such a man as he,

and to be granted the opportunity to keep learning more about him,

and in the journey, do my very best to supply him with just as much

advice, support, honesty, and hugs as he supplies me.

To help him as kindly and generously as he helps me.

For as long as we both shall live.

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