And then, God gave us a home

DSCF0099 2

We have a home!!

Our very first!!

We are over the moon happy right now!!

It is a little brick dwelling with plenty of space to grow into throughout the future years!

The journey to secure our home was a long one, with a lot of twists and turns, anxiety, a lot of prayer and a perfect conclusion!

The house was meant to be a part of our lives from the time it was built,

I know it was. 

It will contain countless memories and is already starting to compile its history of us!

DSCF0103 2

DSCF0122 2

The photo directly above is the very first picture we took once we got the keys to house, I feel it will be one of my most treasured photographic memories throughout my life.

DSCF0126 2

We have begun the cleaning process and are so excited to begin moving things in soon and start building the home that we want to make together!

It is exceptionally thrilling to know that the space we are working on together while engaged will be the home in which we live together once we are married (in 24 days!) !!

And as a special surprise, today when we pulled in the driveway who was waiting for us on our lawn but this little guy!

DSCF0128 2

DSCF0131 2

It’s good to know that our first home is also a bunny’s choice! : )


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