It had to happen at some point.

My car has gotten its very first flat tire.

photo (1)

It’s not so bad,

the security on my college campus were actually the ones to let me know about it,

thankfully Justin and I weren’t driving when it decided it was ready to divorce itself from the car

and it was instead sitting nicely parked in the parking lot behind my dorm.

I am always exceptionally thankful for safety when things could have gone very poorly in a situation, but didn’t.


Apart from car woes however,

things are looking up since my last post.

Stress is still here,  insanely busy schedules are still here,

but beautiful summertime moods are creeping closer,

you know summertime moods?

The quiet,


blanket of hush

that is felt many times during summer,

especially in the evenings?

Oh it’s coming my friends!

And it is wonderful!


1 week from today I will be finished with my junior year of college,

(remember when I was saying that about Sophomore year?)

17 days from today I will be getting married,

that countdown is still super surreal right now.

And 1 month from tomorrow Justin and I will be returning from our official honeymoon and coming back to live in our little house, throughout the Summer, enjoying all the time together that we are given until we start this whole school thing all over again!


Good things are coming,

so many good things.

And I can’t wait.


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