Doctor Tire

Last night Justin put on the spare tire and set the old one in the back of the car,

we desperately thought through our budget to try to figure out how we were going to pay up to $100 on a tire replacement right now,

figured out our plan of action,

and today headed to Dr. Tire to fix the damage that had been done!

As this flat tire has been our first major car problem thus far,

we were a bit unsure of how to proceed in getting everything fixed and paid for,

but the ever so nice old man with the long white beard at Dr. Tire knew just what to do!

I was quickly intrigued and grateful for the old man with the long white beard,

because he gave us the good news that we needed only to patch our old tire, due to a puncture by an old nail,

let us stand close by and watch as he checked the tire for punctures in the metal washtub, patched it up and put it back on (all in less than 10 minutes!),

when I tried to help pick up the spare tire to put it back in the car said genuinely, “I’ll get that, baby”

and also happily surprised us, and our budget, with the total cost being less than $10!

Overall it was a momentous achievement and we are so thoroughly grateful for being so blessed with such a brilliant outcome!!

Thank you Jesus, thank you Dr. Tire, thank you old man with the long white beard!!

DSCF0136 2


DSCF0139 2

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