We’ll start off with a Graduation!

IMG_1331 copy

IMG_1350 copy

IMG_1351 copy

IMG_1355 copy

IMG_1358 copy

IMG_1360 copy

IMG_1362 copy

IMG_1365 copy

IMG_1366 copy

IMG_1368 copy

IMG_1381 copy

IMG_1382 copy

IMG_1386 copy

IMG_1394 copy

IMG_1408 copy

This past weekend was college graduation for my mom and future sister-in-law Brittany!!

It was a brilliant time and I am so proud and thankful for both of them!!!

Their happy day started off the 4 grand occasions of this time!

1) Graduation (Complete and wonderfully so!)

2) Justin and I’s Wedding (4 Days!!)

3) Johnny and Ryan’s Wedding (10 Days!!)

4) The birth of my very first niece Evie Claire (Due in early September!!)


 The Happy Times Are Here!!!

INSANELY busy, but oh so good and happy.

: )

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