4 Days Later

Justin and I had our first night of marriage at the Hilton Hotel,

an amazing opportunity that was a gift from Justin’s grandparents, and one filled with so many memories that I will never forget!

After which we came straight home so that we could visit with the family in town for my brother’s wedding,

happening this Saturday!!! (TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I am so glad we decided to wait on our full honeymoon week and instead stay put for a bit,

but it has been a bit unusual, and at times a bit overwhelming, to jump right back into work and schedules and to-do lists less than 48 hours after being married.

With that being said, the past few days have reminded us what marriage will really be like once the honeymoon is over, and for that I am grateful.

I am immensely looking forward to getting away,

but also looking forward to settling in for the Summer and being able to honestly learn what it means to be married.

I am so happy to have marriage be a part of my life,

so thankful to have been given the opportunity to be with my boy for the rest of our lives.

We are so happy,

learning as always,

but so happy,

this is how we were meant to be,

and I know that it is right.


:: Some Hilton Memories ::

IMG_1442 copy

IMG_1444 copy  IMG_1445 copy  IMG_1449 copy  IMG_1453 copy 
IMG_1458  IMG_1485  IMG_1466 copy  IMG_1488 copy

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