Getting There

The 6 hour journey to our honeymoon destination took [unexpectedly] two days and a whole lot of adventure.

After our  wedding we went away for the night and then came back home to get ready for my brothers wedding!

The wedding was wonderful!!

But the week was tough for Justin and I having to immediately go back to work and other routines without having the opportunity to relax and just be married for a while.


Yesterday arrived and we packed up the van to head to Virginia for our honeymoon!!


the car’s battery was dead,

so we had my dad and brother come over and jump start it,

and THEN,

we headed to Virginia for our honeymoon!!



( Our first look at the Virginia mountains,

seeing them literally made me cry,

I love the mountains so much.

They are beautiful.)




3 hours in,

soon after crossing over the Virginia border,




after an intense rainstorm,

the car’s engine overheated.

We pulled off to the side of the road, while it was still drizzling and thundering,

and checked the engine, saw that the coolant was low, refilled it,

and got back on the road to Virginia for our honeymoon!!


5 minutes later the engine was overheated again,

so off to the side of the road we went once more,

we tried waiting on the engine to cool, but each time we attempted to get back on the road, it would over heat forcing us to pull back off.

Eventually, we knew we had a problem.

So, we called Triple A and waited on the side of the road for over an hour.

Meanwhile we discovered and crushed 3 brown ticks that had somehow found their way into the car,

nervously felt the car quiver every time a truck passed by us,

and prayed for safety and provision.



(sitting on the side of the road discovering a very fitting sign for our circumstances in the car first aid kit) 


God answered each and every one of our prayers. 

And provided us with so many amazing people to help us.

First off,

our tow truck driver. 

When he first arrived he came out of his truck fuming angry and incredibly intimidating,

he then told us that he was missing his son’s birthday party, and still even had another car to tow after ours.

We related, us being on our honeymoon and not getting off to the best start.

He soon relaxed as we drove and was so immensely helpful.

The first garage he took us to said that they would not be able to get to our car until the middle of this coming week,

due to the fact that their owner was killed just a week ago, hit by a truck as he was attempting to tow a car.

Every circumstance was just getting crazier and more bizarre.

At this point I had reached my limit,

We were finally able to leave on our honeymoon after such a tough week, broke down just 3 hours into the trip in an unfamiliar location, had waited on the side of the road for over an hour and now had no idea how we were going to finish our trip, and it was still raining.

I cried.


then things started to happen in quick succession!!!

Our tow truck driver drove us to a Chevrolet dealership that had closed a few hours before we had gotten there,

however we were able to leave our car there to be fixed in the morning,

and our amazing tow truck driver even drove us to the nearby Holiday Inn Express!

A most amazing answer to prayer was the fact that the dealership, two restaurants and the hotel were ALL within a 5-10 minute WALK of each other!!

The woman at the front desk of the hotel was the manager, Betty.

She was a fidgety little woman, with nervous ticks and the sweetest disposition!

We walked in on her refilling the cookies on the bar and as we checked in she was sure to remind us to come back down and get some fresh cookies!

Everything was still so surreal at this point,

and just having the manager of a hotel remind us to eat fresh cookies was so comforting,

the poor events of the day were being made up minute by minute!

We were safe,  our car was in a safe place where it could be fixed, we were able to stay at one of our favorite hotels, we had a king size bed, a whirlpool tub, a place to eat, and the peace of Christ,


IMG_2394 copy

IMG_2400 copy


what more could we ask for!

We went to Shoney’s for dinner and even bought a souvenir wooden bowl to remember our honeymoon destination detour in Hillsville, VA!

We were well fed and our waitress was a wonderful lady who, every time she left the table, sweetly stated

‘I’ll be back soon to check up on you!” 

After dinner, and a quick stop at Wendy’s to get a couple quick treats for later!

We went back to the room and relaxed.


IMG_2403 copy


And in the game of Life that we played I had 6 kids and a grandbaby!!!

Needless to say the evening really shaped up to be an wonderful, relaxing time!

Our night sleep was refreshing and after a free breakfast, a walk to the dealership and a repaired car (all the trouble was due to a loose spring by the serpentine belt!) we finally got, though a bit nervously, back on the road!


IMG_2404 copy

IMG_2412 copy


The final 2 and a half hours of the trip were uneventful and grand!!

We arrived at our destination in good time and in good spirits!!

And we have to say,

we are blessed.

Our trip was an unexpected adventure.

But it was our adventure.

And it was good.

We are safe.

We are happy.

We are on our honeymoon.




And on a random note.

This is our bug.

His name is Buggen.

He attached himself to my pants at the very start of our trip,

and so we kept him for the ride, right in the center console of the van!

He stuck it out with us through all of the craziness!

And as we sat on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck, we sadly said goodbye to Buggen and let him back into the wild.

We loved Buggen.

And forever will.

He was a truly brilliant traveling companion.


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