that time we made a soda cake and I bleached my hair

After Justin and I arrived at the resort, grocery shopped and got back in for the night, we realized that we had forgotten the oil we needed to make our cake.

So Justin went searching for oil substitutes and consequently found that one could actually make a cake mix with a can of soda.


we did.

AND it actually turned out pretty well!! It was a bit more crumbly than usual, but not at all disappointing!

IMG_2428 copy

IMG_2430 copy

Our assortment of breakfast time beverages!IMG_2435 copy

So, I did it. I bleached my hair. All of it. I am getting used to it, but I think I love it. IMG_2443 copy

A bit of friendly competition! : )IMG_2449 copy

IMG_2453 copy

IMG_2456 copy

IMG_2457 copy

IMG_2470 copy

IMG_2477 copyCheers!


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