Across the Mountains

Yesterday, after a pancake breakfast, Justin and I drove to Shenandoah

and across the Skyline Drive.

And for five hours we enjoyed over 40 mountain overlooks and forest scenery!

At first we weren’t sure if we would go, and the night before had actually decided we would just rest,

but it is something that Justin has wanted to do for years

and so,

though at first I was a bit reluctant…or maybe just lazy : )

Justin’s excitement was contagious

and the trip turned out to be a brilliant, beautiful, restful adventure!

Cheers Virginia, we love you.

oh and our dinner of hamburger (WITH cheese, lettuce and spinach!) fries, beans, grapes and apple slices wasn’t too bad either!

: )

IMG_2550 copy

IMG_2563 copy

IMG_2581 copy

IMG_2594 copy

IMG_2608 copy

IMG_2630 copy

IMG_2642 copy

IMG_2654 copy

IMG_2656 copy

IMG_2658 copy

IMG_2676 copy

IMG_2686 copy
IMG_2694 copy

IMG_2708 copy

IMG_2711 copy

IMG_2723 copy

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