This (Married) and (Life) That

I am finally starting to feel married.

We celebrated our 2 week anniversary of marriage yesterday and I realized that I am finally past all of the craziness of getting married, emotionally and realistically.

The planning,

the wedding,

the honeymoon.

All of it was brilliant and lovely!

But this, this is what I longed for.

This time right now,

when being married and with Justin each day isn’t so new and so surreal,

but beginning to feel more normal.

The time before the way we are now is beginning to fade into memory and can no longer be recalled so easily,

and the  future is taking a shadowy shape as we begin to dream and plan and live and pray.

These past two weeks have been so incredibly surreal.

  1. Getting married
  2. Living it up fancy at the Hilton for a night
  3. Coming straight back home (to work and real life) the day after the wedding and feeling so overwhelmed with being so newly married and being right back into the world we had only ever known as a dating/engaged couple. 
  4. A whirlwind of wedding prep and wedding events for my brother and best friend (who have now been married for over a week!!) 
  5. Finally heading off on our honeymoon, which contained its own crazy story and circumstances
  6. And, after making it to the honeymoon destination, enjoying an incredibly surreal vacation with just the two of us! (We both come from big families (He – 6 // Me – 8) so going to a condo with 2 bedrooms and 4 beds, 2 bathrooms, 1 (4 person) whirlpool tub and a dining room table that seats 6 for just the two of us seemed so crazy and unreal!)
  7. The unexpected death and funeral of a good friend, an event which still doesn’t seem real. 

The past 3 weeks have contained :: a college graduation for my mother and sister-in-law, Justin and I’s wedding, Johnny and Ryan’s wedding, our honeymoon, and a funeral. 

In Summation:: A whirlwind of change and emotions. 

Now today, we are back to work and back to normal life.

And I am so enjoying it.

I feel rested, I feel married, I feel normal.

And I am so happy.

I love normal and I love routine.

I also thoroughly enjoy the occasional adventure,

but these past two weeks have held SO much adventure and SO much new,

that just having family over to the house for dinner or ice cream

kissing Justin as he went off to work this morning

and cleaning the bathrooms at our house

has felt so good and so fitting.

The normal is what has begun to make me feel married.

The normal is what has seemed so lovely these past few days.

The normal is so welcome to me right now.

Adventure can wait for just a short while.

Because the normal is adventure enough for us these days.


:: some documented photograph randoms ::

The week of our wedding on, I think, our last unmarried date night, Justin surprised me by taking me to a new restaurant called SmashBurger. It was a brilliant surprise and just goes to show how well Justin knows me. Hamburgers are nearly hands down my favorite food EVER, so taking me to a restaurant that has burger IN the name was bound to be a grand success, which of course it was thanks to my now husband, then fiance!

DSCF0175 copy

DSCF0176 copy

DSCF0180 copy

DSCF0182 copy.

Another food surprise, I’m sensing a theme here 😉 , was when Justin took me to Wendy’s after a grocery shopping trip to finally try the new Wendy’s frosty waffle cone!! I had been hoping to try it for a good while and was pleasantly shocked and excited when Justin turned into the Wendy’s lot instead of heading straight home! The verdict : they are most delicious!!!

DSCF0193 copy


On the day before the final day of the honeymoon the fog in the mountains was ridiculous! It completely enveloped us and made us thoroughly grateful to not have made plans to go out at all!

In the morning, around 9am.

IMG_2726 copy

Nearing the afternoon, around 11am IMG_2730 copy

And by 1pm the fog had nearly covered the entire landscape!IMG_2749 copy


The only wildlife we saw while in the mountains was a few deer here and there,

IMG_2758 copyAnd this little guy!!! Who’s identity completely baffled us until Justin looked up the wildlife indigenous to the area!


(Picture from Google Images)

Its a groundhog!! Or as sometimes known a woodchuck!!! 🙂


For fancy and cozy afternoon TV watching Justin and I pulled out the sofa bed in the living room!

And then I attempted to gather every pillow found in the condo to make it THAT much cozier!

Justin didn’t love the idea.

: )

IMG_2739 copy.

We were so ready to be back in our community at home by the end of the honeymoon that we set up a dinner with my sister and her husband for the night we arrived home!!!

It was so good to be back with family and we had a brilliant spaghetti dinner, dessert (chosen by the boys) and game night!!!

It was the perfect welcome back home!!

IMG_2766 copy

IMG_2769 copy

IMG_2773 copy.

And finally here is the very meager beginnings of a home tour!

Just our bedroom, which still lacks art on the walls, a new blind and perhaps a rug as well, but is already a cozy safe haven for rest!!

More to come from the home at a later date!

IMG_2779 copy

IMG_2780 copyP.S. Yes, we use bookcases as dressers. I love them. They have revolutionized my idea of organization and decoration!!



One thought on “This (Married) and (Life) That

  1. So happy for your new beginnings, Beth. I’ve enjoyed watching you and Justin grow as a couple and now as husband and wife. Blessings, Dear One!


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