Wedding and Weekend Getaway!!

IMG_6102 copy

First off :: Caleb and Emily are married!!!!

Johnny, Ryan, Justin and I went off this past weekend to take part in their beautiful wedding and have a final hurrah/vacation before school starts in about a week!

Weekend Cons:

Not seeing that the hotel we were staying at was a 2 star hotel before the day we were leaving (note to self : always, ALWAYS, read hotel reviews before booking :: Lesson Learned.)

Lots of traffic while driving.

My boy being sick the day before the wedding.

Coming back to the hotel one afternoon only to discover that there had been a suicide in the parking lot.

Weekend Pros: 

Sunny weather for driving both ways!!

Clean sheets and good water in an old hotel!!

Seeing a beautiful couple be married!!!

Being able to adventure with family!!

Going to the beach!!

Eating 2 awesome burgers, at 2 awesome restaurants, in 2 awesome days!!


All in all the weekend was pretty crazy brilliant!!!

And with school just around the corner, it really was the last big adventure before the semester schedule dominates all time. : )


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