200 Posts & Right Now


First :: Listen to this song now.


This is the 200th post I have posted on this blog.

Those 200 posts span from dating, to engagement to marriage.

They cover from my second semester of my sophomore year of college to the start of my senior year.

They have shared too little, too much, and just the right amount.

They are packed with memories and with photographs.

They are full of words describing indescribable joy, a crushed spirit, a fearful mind, hopes, dreams, and realizations.

They describe my life.

My reality.

I don’t post as much these days,

because I had stopped realizing how good my reality was and was too concerned with just getting the reality done so I could record it forever in a post for the past.

And it was too much,

my reality was faltering while my blog was flourishing.

And all of a sudden I knew it wasn’t worth it.

I don’t want to be able to look back on times that I barely experienced when they were present.

I have been impacted and inspired by many things this summer, by color, by words, by moments, by structure,

but each inspiration tells me the same thing,

live life now.

You don’t know how much time you will have to record the happenings of the present for the past.

Don’t be afraid of that.

Be joyful.

You are RIGHT NOW.

Plan, laugh, mourn, experience, adventure.

Who knows what the next hour, day, week, month, or year hold,

what happiness, what pain, what surprises, what fear, what beauty.

Don’t wait for that.

Capture the now with your mind and your body.

And fully experience it.

And most of all,

if you are a child of Christ,

bask in the salvation of your soul.

Christ forever keeps it,

forever knows you, forever waits for you to realize how present He always is.

Be present with Christ.

For in that presence you can experience everything worth anything.

And know how to experience everything worth something.

He is the present I don’t want to wait for or pass by any longer.

He is the ‘right now’ that will last forever.

Remember how good that is,

and don’t pass by any moment without realizing what you have



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