Taking Stock

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Making: a fall/winter time wreath for the front door.
: more lasagna and gingerbread cookies than would ever be good for us!
Drinking: a margarita. 21 in less than 4 months. 
: my bible. I can’t get enough, yet never give it enough of my time.
Wanting: a new winter coat. Brown with big loop buttons!
Looking: at the leaves change as they introduce autumn with their shades of color.
Wasting: time NOT doing the pile of dishes in my sink…I care, just not enough yet…..
Wishing: for snow this year! Maybe just an inch?
Enjoying: marriage, more than ever.
Waiting: to see if my dining room and kitchen floors could be replaced.
Liking: that this season of life and season of the year bring about so many good things!
Wondering: what the future will bring for our little family.
Loving: my husband. in every way.
Marveling: at little girl Evie and how precious she is!
Needing: to buy a fat Christmas tree for the holidays!! It MUST be tall and it MUST be fat!!
Smelling: the fresh fall air that is becoming an everyday type of situation!
Wearing: my coats and scarves and socks consistently.
Following: the news and coming to terms with the world I live in.
Noticing: how difficult it really is as an artist to separate myself from my work in regards to critique.
Knowing: that to delight in this life is to delight in God’s will for me.
Thinking: about what it really means to be a Christian. no bitterness, no selfishness, no stubbornness. selflessness.
Bookmarking: blogs far less than I used to.
Opening: up to the idea of full time missions.
Laughing: about the little things.
Feeling: joyful.

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