We Began in September

Well, the trees can barely be described as full of color,

the cool fall weather in the morning is still replaced by a summer-like sun each afternoon,

and everything pumpkin spice has just recently settled in on the shelves and stores around town,

but that hasn’t stopped Justin and I from embracing Autumn to its fullest at the end of September!

: )

We began our events, a bit unexpectedly, when we ran across $4 pumpkins at Aldi during our grocery shopping trip, we couldn’t resist! We grabbed our two favorite choices and the same day painted them and began proudly displaying them on the front porch!

  IMG_6509 copy

IMG_6520 copy

IMG_6526 copy

IMG_6527 copy

IMG_6532 copy


On the same shopping trip, we ran across the following tools to make THE GREATEST TURKEY CUPCAKES OF ALL TIME!!!!

IMG_6564 copy

And, well, WHO could resist those edible googly eyes???

We couldn’t!!!

So, the fall turkey cupcake making commenced!!!

IMG_6569 copy

IMG_6575 copy

IMG_6589 copy

IMG_6597 copy

IMG_6603 copy

Just look through each of them one by one, they all have such unique personalities.
: )

My favorite is the one 3rd to the right and 3 down!!


A few other perks of embracing fall early are turning off the air in the house and keeping the front door open so that the fresh air outside can make its way through the screen door and fill up our house!!


Justin and I each buying a new red fall coat for the coming evening walks and autumn adventures!

(both from Goodwill, classy finds for only $5 each!!)


actually needing the blankets on our bed morning and night!!


Socks, sweater, scarf and hat wearing!!!!


and being cozy alllll day long.

: )

Happy Autumn you guys!

It’s gonna be so great this year!!!


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