there’s always something


If it’s not the 3 day old dirty dishes in the sink that need to be washed, it’s the 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms that haven’t been cleaned in over 2 weeks. If it’s not the 300 pages of reading to be done in less than 5 hours, it’s the devotions that haven’t been done in far too long. If it’s not budgeting to be done and bills to be paid, it’s a grocery shopping list to be made. If it’s not the 3 weeks of laundry that need to be washed, it’s the piles of clean laundry that still haven’t been put away. If it’s not an unmade bed, it’s an unorganized living room and dining room because when we get home at 5pm every day the backpacks, coats and shoes get dropped and taken off right away and dinner has to be made and maybe laundry and cleaning and budgeting and…

There’s always something.

Always something that I feel like I am not staying on top of long enough, keeping organized well enough, getting done fast enough.

I know what you’ll say,
I signed up for this, no one told me I had to get married while still  in school.

but you see, that’s the thing,
as hard as it can be, I can’t imagine how much harder it would be if we had to live this time unmarried,
because the best part of all of my days is when I remember that I get to go home with Justin at night.

He’s making it all so good.
Every grocery shopping trip he insists he comes with me on because he never wants me to have to go alone, every 20 minute ‘game break’ time when he’ll make up the craziest games for us to play (Crayon Soccer and Cell phone races are two of my most recent favorites!), every bedtime prayer that he’ll pray for us before we fall asleep when I’m too tired to even try to formulate words, every zoo visit, park walk and family sports adventure plan that he’ll come up with so that we always have something wonderful to look forward too, and so many more things and aspects of our life together are the very things that keep me sane and able to even approach this school year as something that is possible.

We’re not doing it perfectly,
we’re so new at so much of it.
But together we are trying,
really trying.
One day at a time, to be intentionally responsible and organized.
That’s what it will take.
We’re learning about what routines to build, and what we have to do to build them.
It’s all so good,
but still overwhelming at times.

We will never do it perfectly.

We will never be the straight A students or the family with the most money or the best cars, but we will do our very best to be a joyful family, who pray together through the every day and learn and love each other as much as they can with the time we have together.

There is always something,
good and not so good,
always something.
But at the end of the day, we’re making it work, happily together and whole heartedly.
And if that’s all I have at the end of every day.
It will be enough.

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2 thoughts on “there’s always something

  1. It is a very welcome sort of continuous to do list. There is something so pleasant in the togetherness of it all. Here’s a small tip from the not-so-pro: messes are ok. A clean house, laundry and homecooked meals do not always have to be a wife’s first priority. If they ever get in the way of you being a cheerful person who likes being married, ditch them for a while and be happy in the mess.


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