DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

Growing up we always had a chalkboard hung on the wall.

Every new season of the year, on our birthdays and on special events mom would always draw fantastic illustrations on it!

I remember fall leaves, Christmas holly, Winnie the Pooh, Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia and so many more drawings that illustrated my growing up years!

It held some of the greatest memories of my childhood, and even now the same chalkboard is hung in my parents home waiting to hold even more welcome signs and event announcements!!

I knew that it was a tradition I wanted to continue on when I started a family and since discovering that it was possible to make my own chalkboard I knew I had to try it out!!

To begin Justin and I headed to Home Depot and bought a 2 x 4 foot piece of smooth plywood for just $7. We had them cut it in half at the store so that I could make 2 good sized chalkboards instead of 1 massive one!

IMG_6632 copy

We also bought Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint ($10), a brand that I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews on! I will for sure add my positive vote to the masses! It’s a great and sturdy brand of paint to use!

IMG_6614 copy

First things first, I primed the wood and let it sit for about an hour. A note here, DO NOT forget to sand it down a bit after priming! This time around I forgot to sand and the chalkboard is a bit bumpy from the paint application, not at all awful, but a bit of sanding could have improved it!!

IMG_6612 copy

Next, paint on the chalkboard paint!!! DO NOT use a brush, use a sponge or a roller, they will apply the paint smoother and heavier for better coverage! I painted them once, waited 4 hours (as the instructions stated) and then painted a second coat. One coat would probably have been fine, but I figured I would be as thorough as possible.

IMG_6620 copy

The instructions on the paint can say to wait 3 days before writing on the chalkboard and 7 days before wiping them off with a wet cloth. So the process of making and  using the chalkboard takes a bit of time, but the result is so great and the project as a whole is quite fun and will now provide (and already has!) so much fun for years to come!!

IMG_6815 copy

If you are thinking about making a chalkboard for your home I would certainly say GO FOR IT!! Because for less than $25 you can not only gain a chalkboard, welcome sign, party sign, quote sign, grocery list sign, etc….but also have the adventure of making it yourself!

And that, my friends, is worth it!!!

: )

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