To The One


To the one

who feels like she’s not living life well enough

who feels overwhelmed with to-do lists

who feel silently judged by those around her

who feels like she doesn’t know what to say to the questions being asked

who feels inferior to the women around her

who lies to herself so that she will have already heard it from herself before anyone else might tell her in the future

who feels like each bit of progress is overshadowed by the amount of progress still left

who’s emotions are easily hurt, but hates being so sensitive

who wants no one’s pity, because it’s just confirmation that she’s not doing it all right

who loves her life, but second guesses its wonder and validity because of what other people say

who can’t stand the thought of breaking down, because then everyone will know how weak she really is

who is too easily misguided, hurt, and influenced by the people around her

To that one,

remember this,

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Don’t give people that kind of power.

Your worth and joy as a person cannot be stolen from you when they are found in Christ.

There will always be something to do and everything will never be done. Don’t expect yourself to be able to maintain everything at once all the time.

Clear your mind. Clear your life. One thing at a time.

Stop forcing unrealistic expectations onto yourself.

Remove the distractions. Remove the screens. Remove the influences of bad TV and shallow music.

Build a community of people you honestly trust and feel safe with, don’t imagine friendships with people who just don’t look out for you.

Be patient with yourself, learn what it means to allow yourself to process through things.

Be honest to yourself, no lies. Don’t let negative self talk build your perception of who you are.

Don’t make up for the possibility of future pain by hurting yourself in the present.

Be a lady. Don’t reduce yourself to being an icon or a symbol, be a person.

Know yourself. Don’t let others tell you who you are or what you are and are not capable of.

Don’t make snap judgments. Give yourself and others time to adapt.

Live your life, deal with the consequences and don’t reduce the goodness of life by constantly protecting everything, live into the awkward, the fear, the mistakes, the needs, the wonder, the joy, the prayers, the hope.

Life is the hardest thing you will ever do, the least you can do is remember to give your mind and body space and time to learn the best and most honest way to live it.

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