Tips on Getting a Pixie Cut


Before, During, and After getting a Pixie Cut

  1. Consider your hair texture and find pictures and example haircuts on people with the same texture. Be honest about your hair texture, if it’s curly don’t find cuts that are straight and sleek, look for good curly pixie cuts, and vice versa.
  2. Think about it for a little while, ask some people you are close with, pin up your hair to try to get an idea of what it could look like, but try to make a decision within a weeks time whether you will cut or wait, you don’t want to make it into a bigger deal than it really is or have it consume more time than necessary. (I’m not so great with this one, as many of you well know 🙂 )
  3. GET PICTURES. Find a picture of as close to what you want as you can and bring it with you to the salon, it will give the stylist a better idea of what you are thinking than if you would just explain with words and better insure you get what you are picturing in your head
  4. Hair grows back!! BUT it will take time, the biggest decision you’ll have to make is if you want to go through all of the growing out phases, which can be fun despite what you may think, but remember that it is a commitment!!
  5.  Talk with your stylist before you sit down to get your hair cut, take a bit of time to explain what you want and talk about any concerns you may have about face shape or cut style, ask all the questions you have, they are there to help you, even with your questions, not just with the cut, it’s their job!
  6. You will look different than you are used to! Expect it! And give yourself and others time to get used to your new look! Just because people are a bit taken back by your new style, doesn’t mean it was a mistake, it’s just a change!! Enjoy it!! It really won’t last long!
  7. And finally, everyone will have a different opinion about what they like best on you, long, short, blonde, brown, au natural, but just because you might look different than anyone expects you to doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cut it, dye it, or embrace it!!! No cut or color lasts forever; you should make the most of every change and enjoy it no matter what the opinions are!!

If you decide to go for a drastic change, make good preparations and put thought into it, but have fun with it!! 

Keeping the adventure of a pixie cut light hearted and without the pressure of needing to wear it a certain way will help you embrace the outcome of the cut and give you the confidence to pull off any look you decide to conquer!!


I must admit this time around (I’ve pixied it once before) didn’t come without a few tears,

the cut and color combination was a huge difference from anything I’ve worn before

(which is saying something since I’ve tried almost every cut and color on the list)

but I’m growing to recognize myself again after a few days and am remembering that old excitement that comes about when you feel that you are trying something new and you just know your gonna make it work and make it awesome!!!!

Cheers to pixie cuts!!!

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