fall break was good for our bellies

and for a lot of other things, but golly gee the food was great!!


Fall break finally gave me time to spend in the kitchen working with some recipes I’ve been wanting to try for weeks now! I admit I’m no great chef or baker, but as a newlywed and a new housekeeper it’s still pretty thrilling to conquer a new recipe in my own kitchen and for my own family!!

: )

Below are the products of my Fall Break labor

:: Flour-less Banana Oat Muffins ::

IMG_6991 copy

:: Stew – from an old family recipe! ::

IMG_7002 copy

:: Energy Balls :: full of good things like oats, peanut butter, honey and wheat germ! ::

IMG_7020 copy

:: Whole Wheat Pancakes – made with molasses, oats and good ol’ whole wheat flour ::

IMG_7014 copy

:: Pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins – a seasonal treat and my first time baking with pumpkin! ::

IMG_7021 copy

IMG_7064 copy

And then there was the pomegranates, though not grown or produced by me, I did break apart all the seeds from their shell and thoroughly rinsed them and removed any residue, the work I put into cleaning them off makes them worthy to have a picture here! : )

IMG_7068 copy

Fall break was indeed a time of fun and relaxation, it went very different than expected, but still contained so many good things!

And the above just covered the food from our home, not to mention the homemade pumpkin spice popcorn, pumpkin cheesecake and more that my brother Johnny and his wife Ryan made for the Fall party they hosted for the family on Saturday night!!

Below is a rather long video experience of our playing ‘Pin the Tail on the Pilot Turkey’ at the fall party!

Watch on your own time (it’s 7 and a half minutes long!), but pass on by it if you choose, it’s mostly just for me to remember the fun we had at the party in years to come! : )


I must admit I’m sad to see Fall break over, but just 5 weeks left to Thanksgiving Break and a mere 7 until the semester ends!! Let the Autumn fun continue and the Winter-Christmas fun come soon!!!!



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