I, the great domestic

IMG_7174 copy

is what I self title myself once again as I slide in pans of freshly made cookie dough into the oven and revel in the latest domestic win.

It’s the same triumph I get when

I deep clean the bathrooms (even though it may be after 3 weeks of neglect),

or vacuum the living room 5 times a week (mostly because we forsake our dining room table at dinner time for the living room coffee table and an episode of The Office or Friends FAR too often),

or do 4 loads of laundry back to back (never mind that it was out of necessity because underpants and t-shirt supplies were running low),

or intentionally plan a week’s meals (because “I don’t know’ isn’t the best answer to give when someone asks what’s for dinner),

or have all the kitchen counters wiped down and clean (and use ‘cost effectively’ 439 paper towels a week doing it),

or do all the dishes by the end of each day (normally lasts about a week and then digresses in consistency once again).

Ahh, the simple joys of domestic life,

a kind of joy that isn’t dependent on completing the entire to-do list but more concerned with each and every accomplishment.

If one does not rejoice in the small victories along the way, it will be far more strenuous to make it to the greater victory of completing the entire to-do list in the end!

So, never mind that my sink and counter looked like this for 3 days in a row,

IMG_7189 copy

I made fifty-four M&M oat cookies and golly I’m gonna celebrate them and take them up on all of the domestic encouragement they offer!

In summery, there will always be something else to do

but sometimes it’s simply best to rejoice over what’s been done and feel encouraged and blessed by it.

It is a unique and daily lesson to identify with, but one that will supply much more rest and strength to not only enjoy the finished accomplishments, but also continue on with the to-do list in good spirits!!

So, my friends, rejoice in your simple triumphs and take heart as you endeavor to keep moving forward!!



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