the flower of intent

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I’ve wanted to record this story for some time now and the opportunity has finally been presented (aka I’ve had the time to write it out and remembered to do so!)

At our college there is a large ‘pot’ in the center of it.

It has been fondly named The Pansy Pot by generations of past college students because of the Pansy flowers that would grow there in the spring.

Before Justin and I had begun dating or he had even told me he liked me, we found ourselves walking past it one day and as a fun fact I told him that it was indeed called The Pansy Pot.

At this point though there were no flowers growing in it and so my evidence for why it was called that was nonexistent.

But about a week or two later I noticed a few small flowers in the dirt of The Pansy Pot.

And so on a day when, by chance, Justin and I were in each other’s company again I picked a small purple pansy from the dirt and gave it to him as proof of the worthiness of the locations name.

Now it was at this point that, as a girl who liked a boy but didn’t know if he liked her back, I was hoping to pick up on possible clues from him to see if I could tell what his feelings were.

But back to the giving of the flower.

About a week or two after I had given it to him I happened to find myself standing in his dorm room with some other friends during open dorms one weekend.

As I looked around his room something on the bulletin board caught my eye.

It was the flower.

Nearly dried out, but hanging very intentionally on that bulletin board now days after I had given it to him.

I believe my heart skipped a beat (or a few)

and as I left his room that night I couldn’t help but hold on stronger to the hope that maybe this boy who had so captured my attention and slowly my heart, may indeed not only like me but be just as intentional in pursing me as he was with keeping and preserving the small delicate flower.

He was and he did.


We still have that flower, tucked away in a box of things from our dating relationship, and the other day I looked at it again and realized that that flower is now not only over 2 years old but that it out dates even the start of Justin and I’s relationship.

It is a reminder of one of my most favorite memories from Justin and I’s history and still a quiet symbol of how intentional Justin was about our relationship, even before it began.

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