1 and 2 and 3

For the past 3 years, and ever since Justin and I first began to get to know each other as friends, we have made it a habit to go to our college’s spirit week flag football game that they have every November.

The first time we went together we took a picture and for some reason the tradition of taking one has just stuck in my mind as something I always want to do,

perhaps because of the timeline it so naturally represents.

(I did write about this last year in this post – but now I have another photo to add, so I’m writing of it again!)

(1 – November 2011)


Just a month before this photo was taken we had officially met each other for the first time, we weren’t dating yet, but the flirting was certainly in full swing! I remember that night as a very genuinely fun evening, we sat with a group of people and talked and laughed and with all the best intentions and hopeful hearts attempted to gauge each others level of interest in one another. : )

(2 – November 2012)

photo 2

Last year this time we had been dating for nearly a year, had experienced so much already with each other and had built and were building a foundation for greater things to come!

(3 – November 2013)


This year we went as a married couple, and even got the married student discount at dinner, we stayed for most of the game and sat with my brother Andrew and my sister Sarah, and afterwards the girls and guys split up so the boys could play video games and the girls could watch a movie together, it was indeed another memorable night!!!!


I always love how photographs taken years apart tell such lovely stories, as I look through the sequence of photos, and consequently the sequence of years, Justin and I’s entire story comes back to mind and I feel warmly reminiscent and thankful for our story.

I love him.

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