How I see – pt. 2

IMG_8106 copy

Every night I take off my glasses and put them on the night stand beside my bed,

and every night I see my husband as the picture above.

There is something that happens when one sense is limited,

I don’t claim to be fully blind,

but even when a sense is partially handicapped

the other senses sharpen to make up for what is lacking.

The smell of Justin’s hair, the sound of his footsteps and the weight of his arms around me all take on a different significance when I can’t identify them with my eyes.

It’s an awareness that is very special to me.

I imagine it to be like a newborn baby,

though they may not know what they see,

they know what they smell, hear, and touch.

It’s a very natural, instinctual understanding.

I am grateful that my poor sight has allowed me to appreciate Justin in ways that I may have neglected had I not known him as the blurred man of my dreams as well as the clear depiction of my soul mate.

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