Making Plans

In 4 days the Fall 2013 semester will be over,

Christmas break will have arrived and with it a myriad of plans that I am highly anticipating.

It has been a good semester, I’ve enjoyed my studies, worked hard and am proud of what I’ve accomplished.

It doesn’t feel real that the next semester I embark on will be the final one of my college career,

at least as far as I’m planning on.

Speaking of plans,

I find myself making many lately,

home plans

baby plans

marriage plans

school plans

work plans

fun plans

budget plans

grocery plans


Maybe its just that time of the year as 2014 approaches and I am just ready to reorganize my thoughts on everything I hope for my life,

or maybe it is because of my coming college graduation date that I feel the time has come to finalize my thoughts on certain areas of my life,

or maybe it is merely because I am growing up and plans have taken on a new more realistic nature.

Justin and I have together been thinking on some pretty important things these past few months,

mainly musing on what in this life is worth it.

We have discussed what we spend our time on, how we approach our personal relationships with Christ, how we approach our marriage and so many other aspects of our lives.

We have made certain decisions, some weighty some not, the we hope will encourage a life built on what God says is worthwhile.

As Christians, we claim that we wish to keep in step with the Holy Spirit,

but when considering what we invest our time in,

it was harder to say that we were actually living our life for that end goal.

I think we are understanding more the weight of building a life, building a family, building a home

on the foundation of Christ,

and the healthy everyday sacrifices it will take to get there.

At the end of our lives we want to be able to say that we invested in growing ourselves and our family in Christ,

that we spent the time to set and eat at the table every night, looking and talking with each other eye to eye,

not that we spent nearly every newlywed dinner in front of the TV because it was easy.

We want to say that we knew that what we put in our bodies was important and that we didn’t use our small budget as an excuse to eat poorly,

but that we invested our grocery money in food that would feed our bodies right and keep us healthy.

We don’t want to have wasted time being lazy and aloof members of our church because we were ‘just a young couple’,

but instead we want to be serving, becoming involved committed members of a body of believers.

Because Christ teaches us to do so.

I know a lot of times people will say about the first few years of marriage, childless marriage years, that that is the time to more or less let the routines go,

and I’ll be the first to admit that Justin and I certainly have less routines now than I’m sure we ever will once the babies start coming,

that we have favorite TV shows, enjoy laying in bed on Saturday mornings a bit longer than usual, and don’t mind eating cake and cookies one bit,

we are not at all saying that those things are a package deal of bad decisions,

but never do we want to abuse those moments and to say that laziness and wasting time was alright,

no matter what year of marriage we are in.

This idea of moving one’s life more towards what God says is worthwhile is a tricky business.

The line between doing what is right and becoming condescending and proud is a fine one,

but an obvious one.

The choices that will make for a better home may not be the most popular, even among Christians,

but Justin and I are hoping to attempt this venture humbly focused on Christ.

Maybe we’ll be accused of being too legalistic or maybe too liberal,

but in the end,

we hope to be able to live our lives in a way of being able to be accused of loving Christ and living lives that reveal that commitment,

being brave enough and convicted enough to make the choices that should be made to wisely and joyfully create a life that can honestly be seen as Christ centered.

It’s not worth living these early years in a self inflicted fog of careless behavior,

we don’t need to look back on these years as being wasted time,

instead we want to intentionally invest in the valuable moments and instructions that Christ has for us,

so that we can build the habits that are needed to grow a home that is joyful in the Lord.

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