1 Year :: Update

IMG_8701 copy

With finals week complete and Christmas break upon us, I felt it high time for a far more trivial life update!

In October, I began a venture that included the commitment to not dye my hair for an entire year.

(I explained it all, and the reasons behind it, in THIS post.)

As of today it has been exactly 2 months since I made that commitment.

I have about 1 inch and a quarter of all natural hair color atop my head at this point and I must confess that I have thought about putting some highlights in more than once in the past two months,

I have however, up till now, resisted the temptation.

I am enjoying the fact that my hair is getting longer and while it still is certainly a long pixie cut, I can see the makings of a short bob coming into shape, it is quite exciting.

The commitment I made not to dye my hair has certainly been a huge factor in keeping me from attempting to remedy my hair color and not at all in a bad way, but as I hoped, in a way that encourages me not to emotionally respond to my surroundings and insecurities.

So, with 10 months to go and a whole lot more length and natural color to come,

October 16th 2014, just you wait, I’m coming for you!

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