i love you in two thousand fourteen

photo 2

{You are forewarned, this a bride speaking to her groom, please do not hesitate to look past this post if you’d like to}

My One and Only,

– I love that (as pictured in the photograph above) I was able to be with you as you saw the first snow you have ever consciously been able to remember in your life and how you felt the need to immediately create the tiniest of snowballs despite the fact that the snow was merely a remnant of what a real snow should be like.

– I love how when you send a group text, you always include me in the recipients, even if I’m in the same room with you.

– I love how you serenade to yourself when you take a shower and sometimes call me over to the doorway to listen when you’ve made up an especially good verse of song.

– I love how your laugh sounds when  you are completely at ease

– I love how you turn to face me at night when we are in bed and, even when I’m too tired to fully respond, still  talk through your day with me

– I love how you are able to be spontaneous and still surprise me in so many ways

– I love how you argue, never yelling at me even in our most heated debates

– I love how you always look through the pantry and cabinets at night for a bedtime snack even if you don’t even end up getting one

– I love how hospitable you are always open to be

– I love how you talk to me about Jesus and your convictions

– I love that when we are across a room I get to smile at you and catch your eye, making it feel like there is no actual space between us at all

– I love how mellow you are when you receive information of any sort and how balanced a starting point you give us when we are making decisions

– I love how the the hair at the base of your neck still curls into tiny ringlets like it did when you were little

– I love how you drive, carefully, accurately, with just a little bit of rally special stage at certain moments to appease your wild side

– I love how you compliment me, not in large public praises, but quietly at home when the affirmation of your love for me abounds

– I love how your beard feels, full, fuzzy, friendly

– I love your stature, not overbearing and domineering, but protective and present

– I love when you come running to tell me about something that you are excited about

– I love your funny faces and the jokes that you have deemed worthy of a future dad, but have begun to practice now

– I love how you love to track travel times, weather reports, reviews and into future possibilities

– I love when you talk about your past and where and how you grew up

– I love how comfortable yet exhilarated you make me feel, a testament to your ability to completely enchant me

–  I love how you were/are my only one, a testament to God’s grace and ability to keep me from making too many mistakes along the way

– I love how I have been given these moments with you, how they have changed my life and grown me in so many beautiful ways, how it kills me to imagine a life apart from you and how joyful it makes me to know that no matter how much time we are able to share on this earth, eternity alongside you in heaven stands as a brilliant promise.

I love you more then I even know, and I just had to take a minute to tell you.

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