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Justin and I took our time this year deciding what we wanted to focus on for our first full year of marriage and just the new year in general.

It was late one night on vacation, before we fell asleep, that we came up with phrases and words that we hope will characterize 2014.

Confidence, stability, preparation, simplicity, habit building, follow through, less excuses, more Jesus, more service, more involvement.

We’re giving ourselves space this year, space to figure out how each of these concepts fit into the motion of an entire year.

We’re excited and content. I feel able to enjoy the space and the rest and the movement of this year, whatever may come.

It is a good beginning, with much optimism and excitement and now with clarity we step forward day by day into the coming months.

[While on vacation I read this DIY post and knew it was the perfect craft to add to our home and start us off on the home décor side of simplifying]

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