Once Every 3 Years

IMG_0578 copy


And everyone goes crazy!!

We had TWO snow days in a row and fully enjoyed every moment of them!!

Snowball fights, freezing cups of ice, snowman making, living room sleepovers, hot chocolate, and more!

It snowed my freshman year of college and hasn’t snowed again until now, my senior year!
Its nice to know I’ve bookended my college career winters with a snowfall 😀

Sadly the temperature will almost be touching 50 degrees today and the sun will be out so the snow we have won’t last, but we had a grand time with it while it did!!

Today we’re back to the books and work, it’s a little sad after two consecutive (and magically snowy!) days off, but then again I’m not too worried because I’ve calculated and I have only 3 1/2 months left to my entire bachelors degree and THAT is worth getting back to studying!!!

I leave you now with a quick video of the boys ‘snowball fight’ with a giant snowball.


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