A Night ‘Away’

For Valentine’s Day this year, and our 1 year engagement anniversary, Justin and I made last minute plans (thanks to Hotwire!) to spend the night at the Marriot in the downtown area of our city. It was only about a 10 minute drive from our house, so we didn’t travel far away at all, but it all still felt so special and fancy despite the familiar surroundings!

IMG_1218 copyIMG_1223 copyIMG_1224 copyIMG_1227 copyIMG_1234 copyIt was not as fancy as the Hilton, which has quickly become our standard for fancy hotels, but was still certainly a step up from the accommodations we can afford at home!

unnamed 3A few anecdotes from the nights include

1)      Getting to swim all by ourselves in the pool (HOORAY!) but then as we were getting out hearing an announcement saying, “Attention, attention, a fire has been reported on this floor, do not use the elevators and move towards the stairs to evacuate.” Justin and I stood staring at each other in disbelief for a few minutes, and then noticed that no one in the hotel was moving to evacuate at all, on the contrary, everyone was taking their sweet time…needless to say we were quite confused. I finally asked a maintenance worker if there was actually a fire and she said that it was a false alarm and that, get this, due to the renovations that they did in 2013 if too much steam builds up on the 6th floor (the floor we were staying on) it will make the alarm go off. Somewhat comforted, Justin and I headed back up to our floor and on the way noticed that there weren’t even any lights flashing and that the announcement was pretty quiet, but once we stepped off onto the six floor the announcement was QUITE louder and the lights along the wall were blinking and blinking, still a little but unnerved we headed back to our room and on the way had to stand aside as fireman walked through the halls, thankfully it was indeed a false alarm, but it sure made for a surreal 20 minutes of the night!

2)      We FINALLY got to watch some of the Olympics, and let me just say the Biathlon is literally the craziest, oddest sport to watch, I mean come on, shooting and then skiing and then shooting and skiing? Who pairs those two skills together? So unusual. We also watched some skeleton and curling, Justin’s favorite olympic sport. 🙂

3)      About 4 hours after arriving, while watching some Olympics, I signed onto facebook and the first four statuses on my newsfeed were all on the same topic. EARTHQUAKE…..WHAT?!!? Apparently while Justin and I were busy swimming and watching the Olympics a small earthquake had actually occurred in the area, we had totally missed it. First the false fire alarm and then a small earthquake, the evening was certainly one of surprises!

IMG_1230 copy(We are masters of choosing delicious snacks!)

IMG_1238 copyIMG_1240 copy(Can you find the secret message?)

IMG_1244 copyOkay, so, final story of the night. We had forgotten to bring any water bottles with us, yet had chosen 4 of the most thirst inducing snacks on the market, so while we did have two waterbottles with dinner, we were pretty parched for most of the night, UNTIL I realized that water may cost more, but ICE is FREE!!! So, I headed down the hallway and filled up our ice bucket and that was our water for the night!! Necessity is the mother of great ideas!! (I’m not quite sure why we felt that getting water from the tap wasn’t an option, we may have overlooked that water supply 😀 )

IMG_1260 copyunnamed 2Though the night held a few bizarre incidents it was certainly still so special and memorable! The morning after we headed to (in my opinion) the very best brunch place in our city! Le Peep! I am a little ashamed (but not too much 🙂 ) to say that the healthier plate of food is actually Justin’s and not mine, I just can’t pass up a good French toast!

IMG_1263 copyIMG_1270 copyMy two souvenirs included a small bottle of lotion and a role of ultra soft toilet paper; I’m not picky and also have no shame in my choices, 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe entire experience was such a random, surreal, momentous occasion and I’m so grateful that we were blessed to be able to make such fun last minute plans! Sometimes its hard to know when a random night away is worth it, hard to not worry about the expenses and the trouble of having to pack, but I think that in those moments when you know that you can wisely spend the money and when you are intentional enough to make the experience a special time, no matter if you go 10 minutes or 10 hours away, those are some of the times that help you trust and thank God the  most for what He has blessed you with and remember how good it is to have someone to make memories with!

I am so thankful for my Valentine, for our random adventures together and for being able to agree that at times spending a little extra money to make one night a little more fancy is sometimes the very best way to celebrate life together!

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