Décor Planning and Priorities

Dream Home

(Above = dream home! Light, large windows and minimalist surface settings! all photos by angela hardison)  

Over Spring Break I have been updating our home décor.

Going simple and minimalist are always my main goals. For me the more there is in a room to look at the more unsettling of a place it becomes. The fewer things that draw my eye or require my attention the more calming an atmosphere.

Needless to say mine is not the normal decorating agenda. I am always looking to get rid of more things, to enclose things neatly in drawers or cabinets or to arrange them neatly if they are to be in the open. If I had my druthers I would have no more than 4 pieces of furniture in any room and no more than two extra items on top of said furniture. Bookcases would contain just a few books on each shelf, leaving most of it empty and open. Side tables would have a lamp and maybe a clock. Dressers would perhaps have a bowl for keys and wallets and no more. It sounds extreme, and I suppose it is, but the result of living in a space that is easily neat and open is so refreshing and wonderful!

I am consistently looking to find the balance between practicality and minimalism, I want my home to be open, but I also want it to serve our needs. Perhaps I’m still just young, or maybe this is just a part of my personality, but I am still finalizing my own thoughts on how I want to attempt to bring this minimalism to our home. I am torn many times between holding onto things because of sentimentality and then just being ready to get rid of everything because so many things just seems oppressive. I’m still working out each area of my thinking and planning as I move through each area of the home.

The one thing that I always attempt to keep in mind as I strive to make the home represent ideals is that sometimes things take time and money to be changed. I don’t have the funds on hand to buy the signature pieces that I wish could be a part of our home and I don’t have the time resources to maintain the organization that I would like to have consistently. And so I must learn to live in the space that I have been blessed with, no matter what my dreams are for it that have yet come to be a reality. I must learn that memories don’t require a certain backdrop to be made and I won’t have failed on my dreams if each room of the house is not in the order I hope it to be in. It’s a matter of balance between dreams and reality and not letting the desires of the future complicate the good possible memories of the now.

Along with gaining the correct perspective on this project I also must give a small plug for getting creative without finances! After purchasing the paint needed to bring white to the walls of our home I realized that our budget would not support any more purchases for home renovation. At first this was a little depressing, it’s easy to think that it is a matter of purchasing that is the only way to reinvent a space, however! Since deciding that any future home projects at this point must be completed without the use of funds I have yet to be without possible ideas and creative opportunities! It was almost nice to know that I would have to do it all without funds, at times learning how to work with a space as it is helps you understand it far better and realize the possibilities even greater – not to mention it saves you quite a bit of cash 😉

Overall I am still inventing this space Justin and I call home, but with each wall painted, each movement of furniture and each ridding of things I feel myself recognizing this space more and more as my own and more and more as the right backdrop to the simple and focused life I hope to live!

(Below = my own dining room + kitchen reworking’s! My home is an unsual combination of the 70’s, 90’s and today thanks to the many wood surfaces and strangely colored appliances)

Dining Room-Kitchen

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