Recently Enjoyed

Recently enjoyed

A few things that I have recently enjoyed are as follows:

(1) I wouldn’t ever call myself a gamer. I enjoy the occasional computer game (Nancy Drew Mystery games are THE BEST) and Play Station game (Spyro, Croc, FROGGER!!) but most of the time I don’t enjoy sitting too long in front of a screen when I could be up working on something else. But every once and a while, for some reason, I find myself very into a game. Roller Coaster Tycoon, Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego, Minecraft, and a few other special games have just captured my attention span for WAY too long. Over Spring Break Justin showed me Pokémon and I have literally been hooked ever since. It always takes a day or two for me to realize how much I enjoy the game, it took me many months of hearing about Minecraft before trying it for myself and then consequently playing it for far too many hours afterwards, but once those few days have exposed me to the game concept I find myself very attached to the story and challenge. Oddly enough it happens most often with games that are either older or have relatively poor graphics, I’m just an old soul when it comes to video games, I like my graphics poor and pixely. 😀 So, in conclusion, I played Pokémon for far too many hours over Spring Break, much to my surprise and enjoyment!

(2) I have also recently begun intentionally working out again. Justin and I walk to school every day, so we have a bit of daily exercise, but over Spring Break I began to feel convicted that I wasn’t being as good to my body as I should be. Stronger muscles and more energy are becoming important to me as I think about moving forward in life. I’m not so much looking to lose weight as I am hoping to improve my stamina and my discipline. Debbie Siebers Slim in Six workout is my absolute favorite! My mother bought the workout DVD’s years ago when we used to live in New York and it has become my prime workout ever since! It is difficult for me to find a workout that I can stick with, that I feel like I can approach every day with enough focus and excitement to get through and Slim in Six has just fit the bill time and time again. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back to working out and building my body again, and I know that the Slim in Six workout is a key component to that!

(3) Ah the Hilton! Honestly, I fell in love with that hotel the minute I stepped foot in it on the evening of our wedding day! For some reason I feel very sentimentally attached to it, even though I have only ever stayed there for one evening! One of my goals is to travel and stay in as many Hilton hotels around the world as I can! Over Spring Break, for our girls night out, my sister-in-law Ryan and I dressed up fancy and went to the Hilton to get an appetizer and feel a bit extravagant for a while! We had such a fabulous time, and the Hilton lived up to every expectation I hold to it. 🙂

(4) It’s kind of classic for Justin and I, during school breaks, to begin watching through a season of a TV show. We had hoped to watch through the second season of Modern Family, but man those seasons are EXPENSIVE to buy, so we took a chance and began watching 30 Rock instead. At first it took me a couple episodes to really get into the story line, the structure and presentation of the show is different than any other show I have ever watched before, but once we got to the second disk of season 1 I  was thoroughly enjoying the pacing and characters! I would certainly recommend it!

What have you been recently enjoying? Any hobby or venture suggestions that you’ve found to be grand?


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