In which my running career begins and ends in 20 minutes

IMG_2335 copy

On Wednesday of last week I went out and bought a pair of real sneakers, something I haven’t done in years [pretty shoes always just feel like a better investment 😉 ] With our new focus on fitness Justin’s choice workout is running, something that I have always claimed to NEVER want to do, but he has been trying to convince me to run with him for weeks now. My excuse was always that I didn’t have sneakers, but after purchasing a pair I thought it could be time to try out this whole running thing for real. Wednesday afternoon I studied up on good running form and the benefits of running and on Thursday of last week I laced up my new sneakers, put on my yoga pants and sweat jacket and was ready, excited even, to run!

(10 minutes later)

Literally gasping for breath I laid on the living room floor remembering exactly why I hated running.

In the end, once and for all I have decided, running is not for me.

I can honestly say that I tried it, and I know that it takes time to build up stamina, but I was coughing for the next 5 hours from having to breathe so hard and was quickly exhausted from only 10 minutes of running, even though I didn’t at all feel like I had gotten a good work out. Give me crunches, squats, lunges, leg lifts, jumping jacks, yoga and all arm workouts any day, but running, well, you can just keep that for yourself, because it is too dang hard for me! 😀

IMG_2337 copy

(In contrast, my husband ran a 5k on Saturday and I am incredibly proud of him for being so committed to his workout plan!

Bring it on Summer clothes, we’re (nearly) ready for you!!)



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