with chubby cheeked smiles


that’s how we’re looking to summer.

a time to refresh.

a time to rest.

a time to renew.

a time to reconnect.

it’s time for a break. for everyone.


Last night Justin and I went on a walk and played frisbee for a little while. We smiled and talked like we did when we were dating, it reminded me of the simpler evenings of summer and made me even more ready to finish this school year.

Justin Playing Frisbee

[the above photos are not of Justin catching the frisbee, but merely his attempt to make it look like he is, in actuality he was merely prancing about the street whilst holding the frisbee the whole time 🙂 ]


Overall the year, especially this last semester, has been very different then I could have ever expected.

I need some time to catch my breath, to prepare for this next chapter and to reconnect with Jesus.

I know I say this at the end of every semester and every year, but it’s just time for school to be over.

5 days.

And then the story of this summer, despite having many chapters that have yet to be written, can fully commence.

also, this photo,

IMG_3537 copy

because he reminds me of summer walks, hidden kisses, strong hands and true love.


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