breath in | breath out


oh hello,

I haven’t written in a bit,

life has been, well, different lately.

Unexpected, enjoyable, overwhelming, surprising.

You get the picture.

It still hasn’t even normalized to the point that I am capable of reflecting on the past weeks since school ended.

Trips have been taken, memories have been made, jobs have been incorporated, incidents have occurred,

and at this point I have decided not to expect anything from this summer that I expected to expect.

I have already been taken aback by many experiences and feelings this summer that have made me quite aware of my weaknesses and aspects of my personality I did not know were so relevant to the way I relate to the world.

I have a NYC video to show you, I have pictures of visiting with family and I have so many stories to tell,

but right now so many other things are present that readily confuse my personality, emotions, and stability that I feel I must sort those things out a bit before I return to this realm of story telling.

So, for now, I give you a  few pinterest finds. Some pretty things that reminded me of lovely times and easy dreams.

I hope your summers are progressing in the best of ways!

Do you have any special plans? Fun adventures planned? Crafts you are hoping to complete?

I’d love to hear about them!

One thought on “breath in | breath out

  1. THIS is truly transition time——from the known to the unknown—-life will never be quite the same again—-however,GOD has been good along your lifes path so far and I’m sure HE won’t leave you now.YOU have added to your world a wonderful CHRISTIAN young husband,you have just graduated college,and the world awaits you—-GOD BLESS,Love Grandma XOXOXO


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