New York City

It feels like it has been so long since we went to NYC that I nearly forgot to even write any post about it!

But, without further adieu, I give you some NYC highlights and a rather lengthy video 😀 !



We had an amazing time in NYC! It was certainly an investment of a trip, but we made every minute count!!

Some nights I would lay in bed at our hotel and think about how simple it would have been to have stayed at home and done something less expensive, but then I couldn’t help but think about the things we had/were experiencing together and I knew that the whole trip was so worth every penny!

A few things we were blessed to experience:

– The Park Lane Hotel 

– American Museum of Natural History

– Museum of Modern Art

– The MET

– Visiting with great friends from upstate NY 

– Upright Citizens Brigade comedy show

– Times Square, early morning and late evening! 

– Top of the Rock

– Empire State Building

– Shake Shack 

– Statue of Liberty 

– Central Park Zoo

– FAO Schwarz 

– Tiffanys and Bloomingdales

– the Cupcake ATM

– New York Pizza Supreme in Chelsea 

– Central Park 

– Car, plane, train, bus, taxi in and around the city 

and so much more!

I keep trying to figure out a way to explain our trip in a concise way, but there was just so many things that we experienced I don’t think it can be done!

In case anyone may be wondering, we were able to make the trip happen through and CityPass!! I would encourage anyone to look into using those resources if/when planning any kind of trip, they were infinitely useful and reassuring!

This time around Justin and I intentionally wanted to hit as many tourist spots as possible (the empire state building, times square, and the statue of liberty were the most crowded!) because we knew that it was best to go when it is still just the two of us and we are still young and spry 😀 There were certainly times when I just wanted to get out of a line or not go to a museum or store, especially nearing the end of the trip after having booked a solid many miles of walking already, but we stuck it out and did nearly everything we had planned to do and I am glad of it!

The next time we go we would like to take the time to travel around Manhattan more, we weren’t able to go to Brooklyn or Soho and I look forward to our next trip being more of a discovery of the none tourist traps and the more quintessential elements that make NYC what it is!

Having the opportunity to go live, even if just for 5 days, in one of my favorite cities in the whole world was certainly a dream come true. By the end of our time there Justin and I certainly felt like we were capable of navigating the city and had grown comfortable with the crowds, traffic, and atmosphere. Seeing how well we could acclimate to the city was important to us, because we also went with the intention of seeing if NYC could ever be a home for us. After our trip came to a close we agreed that though we felt that we were capable of adjusting to city life well, we would love to raise a family in a place with less. Less crowds, less costs, etc. If we did not hope our future to include children and possible overseas missions and were planning to live as two, then NYC could very well have served as a most brilliant home, but due to dreams that will not be shaken we have decided to love NYC just as it is, the wonderful place where dreams are realized, but perhaps not our dreams.

Though a future in the city may not be a part of our story, my love for NYC only grew stronger with our time there. There is just something about it that is so incredibly thrilling and beautiful. From the dirt and traffic on the street to the green and spacious expanse of central park, from the vast historical depth of the MET to the current and constant people watching opportunities, from the diamond filled and regally presented Tiffanys in Manhattan to the brick wall covered and red booth filled pizza place in Chelsea, the amount of things that make up the city is truly astonishing. So many elements brought together to compliment each other in such a close space, it truly is worth experiencing.

And so, with days of memories our one year anniversary trip has gone by, I look back at all the photos with the fondest regard and am truly humbled and grateful to have been given the opportunity to go to NYC and to be able to do so alongside Justin, my best friend, my one and only, my husband.

Below is the video, in rather low quality, like I said above there were so many photos taken and things done in the city that coming back and figuring out a way to present it all was a little daunting, so the video is lower quality then normal and the photos are all smooshed together in collages, 😀 but though the presentation is a little haphazard, I hope you might enjoy seeing a bit of the city through our eyes, cheers!!

And here are a few photos that did not make the instagram cut, but were worth sharing anyway 🙂


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