Taking Stock


Making: homemade lemonade, more on this soon 😉
: as little as possible, being in a hot kitchen is just terrible during the summer
Drinking: sparkling pomegranate-blueberry lemonade from ALDI
: Kate: The Future Queen by Katie Nicholl
Wanting: a tattoo…this.
Looking: for a job
Wasting: time being too preoccupied with unimportant things
Wishing: it was time to make some babies
Enjoying: being best friends with my husband
Waiting: for things to normalize
Liking: that I’ve now matched my blog URL with the blog title
Wondering: how God is going to work all things out for good
Loving: the mix of natural and dyed color atop my head these days, it’s getting very ombre-esque I believe!
Watching: Top Gear with my husband
Needing: to work out a better cleaning schedule
Smelling: timothy hay and woodchips
Wearing: an odd mix of clothes thanks to broiling hot outdoor temperatures and chilly air conditioned indoor temperatures.
Following: THIS blog. THIS blog. and THIS blog.
Noticing: that I indulge in a few habits that don’t do me any favors (i.e. pessimistic self talk)
Knowing: there is still time for many things
Thinking: on this description of a strong marriage, “The terrain of marriage rises and falls like those golden Californian hills. Yet somewhere on that misty, unknown horizon, oak trees grow. Their misshapen and varied limbs raise to the sky, rooted and strong.”
Bookmarking: someday ideas on Pinterest
Writing: a summer bucket list including, kayaking, museum visits, and fireworks!
Laughing: while we watch the guinea pigs eat, the two chubbers never look happier then when they are munching on fresh carrots, spinach and apples 😀
Feeling: grateful and focused 

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