A Love Story Continues | Engagement

IMG_4533 copy

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to take pictures of special events and memories for family, I am so grateful that they give me the opportunity to capture their beautiful moments in a way that is so important to me,


A few weeks ago Justin’s sister, Brittany, got engaged and I recently had the amazing opportunity to shoot some engagement portraits of her and her fiancé, Joseph!

I must admit, it had been awhile since shooting engagement photos and I was a bit rusty on my technique and ideas, but they were so wonderful and sweet together that they made the shoot brilliant, despite my lack of recent practice!

I so enjoyed seeing how much they care for each other throughout their shoot, it’s a splendid thing to catch an honest glimpse of how good two people are together.

So much of it is in the ease of the interaction; the intentional way Joseph would always give a hand to help Brittney, the genuineness of an embrace, their sincere laughter together, the mutual understanding of being completely comfortable while sitting or standing close to one another, it is a unique bond between two people who care very much about one another and one that I was privileged to witness throughout the shoot!

Justin and I are so thrilled for the two of them and so excited for the upcoming wedding and marriage that lies in their future! We love them both and look forward to making so many more memories and taking so many more pictures with them throughout the coming years!! 🙂

IMG_4722 copyIMG_4666 copyIMG_4665 copyIMG_4656 copyIMG_4713 copyIMG_4753 copy

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