The Secret to Homemade Lemonade

Is actually no secret at all!

It is simply 3 ingredients, a bit of work, and a few judgement calls!

The process overall is quite simple, though it may take a few trial runs to get the measurements how you like them since most of them are quite subjective! 🙂

Homemade lemonade has been one of Justin and I’s favorite things to make since last summer and it is always a refreshing treat, day or night!

You will need:

a pitcher

a large spoon


a knife

a measuring cup

lemon juicer


fresh lemons

white sugar

cold water



Step 1

IMG_20140618_224158 2

Get yourself some lemons! Large or small!

Because our pitcher is relatively small we simply used 6 large lemons and that resulted in even a bit more lemon juice then we probably needed!

Step 2

IMG_20140618_224603 2

You will want to slice the lemons in half and use your lemon juicer on all of the lemons! We got our manual lemon juicer from ALDI, if you have one similar prepare yourself for a bit of an arm workout, the lemons look small, but the task requires some strength! 🙂 You can either strain the juice using a little strainer or just simply pick the seeds out of the lemon juicer, the lemony pulp is a lot different then orange juice pulp and can’t actually be tasted in the final result!

IMG_20140618_225116 2

Step 3

IMG_20140618_230131 2

After getting as much juice from the lemons as possible, pour the fresh juice into your pitcher.

Our pitcher was about a foot tall and we had nearly two inches of lemon juice, which was more then enough!

Step 4

IMG_20140618_230325 2

Fill the rest of the pitcher up with cold water until the shade of the liquid is a nice cool yellow color.

Step 5

IMG_20140618_230550 2

Add some sugar! This step is more particular then others.

For instance, I like my lemonade more tangy and Justin likes his sweeter, and though the choice is up to you, I would advice adding less sugar then more to start off with,

remember, you can always add more at anytime!

Step 6

IMG_20140618_230825 2

Stir up all the ingredients in the pitcher, pour, and enjoy!! 😀


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