early august evening

IMG_5152 copy

last night Justin and I took a walk on the back road our house is set on,

i had been doing the dinner dishes while Justin was playing guitar in the back room and at some point in the dish doing process I looked up to see an abundance of soft yellow sunlight bathing the back porch and yard.

in an instant I knew that I wanted to go on a walk, to stand in the gentle sunlight as it wished the day goodbye,

it sounds dramatic, but there is just something about the sun, in the morning and in the evening, that ministers to me so much.

it always seems so brave and confident, yet at the same time gentle and restful.

it not only beckons one to be fearless, but it also seems to promise that even when you can’t be it will still be there to revive you with the energy and warmth of its rays.

i’m not much of an outdoorsy person, too many bugs and unpredictable elements,

but nights like last night always make me feel like I could live outside forever.

the summer is coming to a close, things are finally about to settle down I believe,

the sun last night was almost a reassuring gesture saying, ‘you made it.

granted, I did with much less grace and poise then I hoped, but sometimes making it is just enough.


IMG_5150 copyIMG_5146 copyIMG_5149 copyIMG_5162 copyIMG_5186 copy


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