A Blogging Autobiography

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Yesterday I watched American Blogger, a movie documenting the stories and lives behind blogs across the nation.

The movie, created by Christ Wiegand, husband to popular blogger Casey Wiegand, delved into the purpose and reason for blogging, a concept that is lost on many people who don’t blog and don’t understand the connection it can have with so many people.

Apart from being a technically excellent film, it was also incredibly astute at revealing, in an even more personal way, the people behind blogs through the nuances that only film can supply.

The film inspired me to create a short video of my own blogging history,

and also gave me the idea for ‘Blogger Autobiographies’

American Blogger helped even me, an avid blogger, gain a different perspective about the people behind blogs, it was so interesting to hear people talk about the names of their blog and the reason behind their blog. It got me curious to hear more of their stories and answers to certain questions!

The project ‘Blogger Autobiographies’ will feature different bloggers who will answer 5 questions,

1) When/Why did you first start blogging?

2) Why did you choose your blog name?

3) What is the core story or purpose behind your blog?

4) What do you hope your blog will become and continue to be?

5) What would be different in your life if blogs didn’t exist?

and by doing so, not only allow for more people to perhaps connect with their blogging experiences, but also allow bloggers to reflect on their own stories, and to allow readers to see the basics of their blogging history in a succinct and unique form!!

I know I am always looking out for new blogs to visit, but I have the hardest time coming across new ones that I can relate to because their are just so many!! I hope this project might also provide a place for readers to access and find out about new blogs as they read a little about each blogger’s personal beginning and blog purpose! Think of it as a blog library. 🙂

I am still working out the technical side of beginning the project, but I hope to begin featuring bloggers weekly and soon!!


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