Blogger Autobiographies | Welcome Home Taylor


From the minute I landed on Taylor’s blog, Welcome Home Taylor, I fell in love with all the color and expression!! I am a newcomer to her blog story, but I already love the variety of content and also the clarity by which she represents her creativity!! I am excited to introduce her to you today and hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better or perhaps even for the first time! 🙂

1) When/Why did you first start blogging? I first started blogging about three years ago. I started it as a great way to have a creative outlet for me and to start practicing my cooking & baking skills because I didn’t have many, but the bit that I did have I really enjoyed.

2) Why did you choose your blog name? I chose my blog name because I believe it everyone always being able to feel welcomed and at home. I wanted my blog to represent that part of me and my love.

3) What is the core story or purpose behind your blog? I don’t think there’s necessarily a “story” but the purpose is just to have a place to keep staying creative. My blog has helped encourage me to travel, take photos of my life, and try new things that I normally wouldn’t. My favorite part of my blog is that it’s allowed me to figure out where I want to head in life and where my true passions lie. Although my readers just see the final product of a post, I put a lot of time, effort, and planning into them and it’s helped make me a more effective person.

4) What do you hope your blog will become and continue to be? Right now, I just like having my blog be my creative outlet. If, in the future, I see it heading to a place where I will make money from it, then that’s great! I’ll be starting a new business venture next month and I’m hoping that my blog will play a big role in helping to further that business.

5) What would be different in your life if blogs didn’t exist? My life without blogging? I’d probably have a lot more time to do other things. But when I think about that, those other things would still be what I’m doing now. I just wouldn’t have anywhere to post them and to keep them archived, which is a great aspect of a blog!

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