Blogger Autobiographies | Love Lola

Love Lola

I came across Lauren’s blog, Love Lola, just a little while ago and was immediately taken with the life and color in her photos! Her story, genuineness, and joy for life was all so encouraging! I am delighted to introduce her to you today and hope you find just as much encouragement and inspiration from her blog as I’ve found! 🙂

1) When/Why did you first start blogging? I first started blogging in 2012 right after my wedding. After spending a year planning our wedding, I was craving more creative projects to work on. This blog became a fun creative outlet for me, that has since grown into so much more.

2) Why did you choose your blog name? Lola was a nickname my close friends called me in college. I always felt it fit my personality, so that it would be a great representation of my blog, Love Lola.

3) What is the core story or purpose behind your blog? I hope to inspire others to find beauty in their life, whether it be through food or day to day living. I’m passionate about food, beautiful interiors, and photography. My hope is to share my passions with others, inspiring them to find theirs.

4) What do you hope your blog will become and continue to be? I would love for it to grow into more of a business. I am in the process of getting my RD (Registered Dietitian license) and would love to start my private practice through my blog.

5) What would be different in your life if blogs didn’t exist? I’d be less stressed :). Ha. But I’d also be less inspired. I think blogs are a beautiful thing and I’m very thankful for this internet age.

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