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Today I would like to introduce to you Jessica and her blog Fountainhead. She is one of the few bloggers that I not only know in real life, but is also in a similar stage of life as I am! Jessica blogs about everything from music she loves to dreams for the future and I am so pleased to introduce her to you today! I hope you find inspiration and encouragement from her honest account of her story and enjoy getting to know her as much as I have!! 🙂

1) When/Why did you first start blogging? I started blogging because of a suggestion made in my Intro to Sociology class in 2011. During the 2011-2012 school year I went to a technical college to take a bring from real college and get some core classes taken care of. I had a fun time choosing classes because tech colleges seem to have so many more options than CIU!! So I took a few classes like Civil War History and Sociology. Well it was a few weeks into the school year, September. Occupy Wall Street was starting to take off. My professor, Dr. Peggy Campbell, was a super free spirit. She had to have been a hippie, present at Woodstock, or something like it. She was a fun professor. One of the class discussions she introduced was the way our time is radically changed by our culture, and our culture is radically changed by our time. We have new and old ideas mending and clashing; outlooks and perspectives continuing to develop and deepen; even trends come and go and that has some impact on culture and society. I remember having a fantastic class discussion about the workings of society and culture. Near the end of class she asked a rhetorical question: would you ever document your history? Keep track of who you are and you’ll see: a few years now you will see how who you are now is not who you are then. What if you recorded your culture? What if you recorded your reactions to the ever-changing society? What if you recorded your history, and give it a place somewhere in the books? Challenge accepted. I created a new blogger account in mid-September 2011. I wasn’t sure what to write about, how to write, or even really what a blog was. But a few weeks later in October 2011, I chose to record simple history. Nothing fancy, nothing necessarily about me, but something that I was witnessing: I wrote about Occupy Wall Street. This will go down in the books, but I got to talk about it from my perspective. I named the post “Occupying a Part of History” and I did this with double meaning: the effects of a national movement occupies and transforms the course of history, and I am a part of the history being made in the world. I was encouraged to occupy a part of history so that I can see how I change and develop and how my culture and another’s culture mesh and clash, and how society affects me positively and negatively, and how my worldview has deepened. I started blogging to keep up with me because I can barely keep up with the world.

2) Why did you choose your blog name? My blog has gone through a few names and facelifts. I started with the long phrase “Fly From the Highest Swing” out of a song I loved at the time by Priscilla Ahn. It was a very long name because, like I said, I wasn’t really sure how a blog operated. I chose that as the name because I love the imagery behind it: when you’re a kid you imagine flying through the sky every time you reach the climax of swinging. When you get there you think, “what if I let go? Could I really fly?” But reason, even as a child, prevents us from letting go of the swing and seeing how far we can go. The same idea I chose to apply to my blog because I wanted to be reminded that whatever I write can go anywhere; there are no limits! And I can be as creative or as dull as I’d like to be. It was a reminder to let go of the swing every time I came to the key pad to type. Since then I have changed the name to Fountainhead. This change came a few months after I got married. I was looking internally for a place to call home; everything was so new and fresh and not familiar yet, and I wanted something comfortable to call home within me. I remember going through the process of loneliness and frustration, and reconstructing me from the inside out. As I processed, I realized more and more about myself that I had not realized before. I traced my thoughts, desires, feelings, temptations, joys, and everything about me back to its roots, its origins. It was refreshing, like finding the fountainhead of crisp water and I realized that that’s what I had been finding: the fountainhead from which my everything pours. This was the Lord, this was an old home, and old soul, this was everything about me that me who I am. I changed the name of my blog because I realized more and more that what I was writing came from the very basic origins of my being. All of my interests, intellect, discoveries, and joy were reconnecting with the fountainhead, from whence it came. And I am recording that fountainhead in its many faces.

3) What is the core story or purpose behind your blog? The story behind my blog is my story. When something happens in the world (personal, local, cultural, national, international, good, bad, and ugly) I post something about it. This shows in form of what TV shows or music I’m choosing to be entertained by; a book that I’m enjoying, or thoughts about my own development, identity crisis, and walk with the Lord. I see the purpose of my blog as being something like a journal that I don’t mind people reading. It chronicles my experiences, the things that I consider home, and it serves a small purpose for me to look back over the past few years and see what has changed, what has stayed the same, remember what I’ve learned, remember how the Lord has worked in and around me, and to reconnect with the younger me. It gives me a chance to go back through the hard times and say internally to my younger self, “It’s okay, Jessica. You made it. You’ll be just fine.” It’s like therapy in some cases. My blog is the one thing that I don’t mind being a little selfish about; the underlying theme of Fountainhead. is me. How I react and interact with a world that is different every second the world spins. It’s my attempt at self-expression, and I use it as an outlet for just that. At the same time I have learned to use my blog as an outlet for ministry. Someone from high school once asked me if I could start posting Bible studies, or devotionals because they would love to grow closer to God and thought that I would be the perfect person to do that. I started off with explaining the fallacies of Bible translation and how to correct our mindset. Since then I have shared personal epiphanies and revelations with my readers in hopes that they can find the inspiration they need to seek God as He is calling them to Himself. I think that blogging provides that rare opportunity to be completely real with people about life, likes and dislikes, frustrations and joys, but still show that the One keeping it all together is the One who told the winds and the waves to settle down. I love this about my ability to blog.

4) What do you hope your blog will become and continue to be? I hope that my blog becomes (or continues to be) a place where any reader feels at home. I want people to see my struggles and interests and walk with God and remember that I am just another human being. I hope my blog will become somehow inspiring for people who need a way to release their minds onto a blank page. I hope that what I write continues to minister to those who need it, and inspire those who don’t. I hope I can continue to foster creativity and encouragement among my readers, and I hope that everyone can find at least one thing that I write that’s cool/inspiring/encouraging/heart-felt/and so on. I try to have fun with my blog, with what I write and how I decorate it. I hope I am continually reminded of the purpose of its existence, not using it as a place to hide, but as a place to live freely.

5) What would be different in your life if blogs didn’t exist? Life would definitely be much different… What would I do with all of my free time!? I would definitely not be on the internet as much… Or maybe I would be because Facebook might still exist? I wonder, though, what else would occupy my time; would it be a productive hobby, or some form of volunteer work? Or would it be something lazy and haphazard? I guess we’ll never know 🙂

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