Just Call Me Pam Beesly

IMG_1927(my desk! 🙂 )

I have worked as a receptionist for almost three weeks now and thought it best to record a few nuances of the job that intrigue, delight, and discourage me.

  1. I have three clocks located around my desk. A desk phone clock, digital clock sitting on the front desk and my computer clock. They are each a minute different than the other. In the mornings I choose to go by the clock that is the slowest to reaching 8:30 and at the end of the day I choose to go by the clock that reaches 5:00 fastest, it’s all about judgment calls 😉
  2. The commute to work is more or less excellent. Because I don’t have to be at work till 8:30 I don’t hit very much traffic driving around 8:00, the drive home is the WORST though. I never realized how much traffic distresses me until this job, but I am discovering back roads that save me a precious few minutes, and a little more sanity, and the radio is always a life saver in the most stressed of travel times.
  3. When you talk on the phone all day awkward word combinations are always a possibility, and many times a reality. I am already a relatively awkward person to talk on the phone with so add in job pressure and tiredness and sometimes I find myself uttering phrases that I can’t even understand. For instance, the other day I picked up the phone and all the caller asked for was to be transferred to another phone line, my go to phrase to let them know I will transfer them is ‘alright, hold on just one second’ but for this call, I’m just gonna add that I was extra tired, I kept saying ‘hold on just sec’ (seriously, I said it like 3 times in a ROW) and for the life of me could not figure out why it was not coming out of my mouth correctly. #mosteloquentpersoninhistory
  4. Let’s go from a con to a pro and talk supply closets. MY WORD I love them. I swear they are a little slice of heaven! With folders, and files, pens, legal pads, highlighters, stickers, and more they are an organizers dream come TRUE. The supply closet in my building is on the way to women’s’ bathroom and I can’t help but many times just gaze onto the beauty that is the contents of the closet each time I make a bathroom run. 😀
  5. Because I sit ALL. DAY. in my desk chair I have begun to understand the episode of The Office where Pam is HIGHLY concerned with getting Michaels old desk chair a lot better! It becomes top priority to have a chair that is both comfortable and practical, mine is probably mid-range on both, so I could certainly see why an opportunity to upgrade would be a coveted advantage!
  6. I am a lover of natural light and my desk is surrounded with 3 windows that not only pour in natural light but also allow me to keep tabs on the street and the weather at any minute of the day. A con of this perk though is that between 4-5pm each, sunny, day the light streams in through the window to my side and makes me SO sleepy, causing the last hour of work to draaaag by. 😀
  7. All of the inner office projects like making copies, scanning, and stamping the mail are just the BEST, I could seriously do it all day! If there was a job where all I had to do is copy and organize documents, that’d be the greatest thing, well as long as it came with a group of people to work with and talk to while doing it, my extroverted side still need’s interaction with people even though my introverted side thrives on paper work 😀
  8. One of my, obviously, favorite times of the day is five o’clock when it’s time to go home! Each day it’s the best thing to see the difference between 4:55 and 5:00. At 4:55 the occupants of the building are still hard at work, but, like clockwork (irony’s the best 😉 ) as soon as 5:00 hits the exodus begins and people start pouring out of the doors and offices right on schedule!!
  9. One of my favorite parts of my job is that I get to eat lunch with friends and family throughout the week! The hour of 12:30-1:30 is always an exciting break, not only because I get to leave my desk for a little while but also because each new day the lunch company varies but is always most excellent!
  10. And now a final work tale to end the list. Last Friday I got to work about 25 minutes early so I decided to relax in my car for a bit before heading in. After about 10 minutes I decided to go in, it had been a VERY rainy morning and the highway traffic had been pretty bad, making me the only employee car I could see was there. I don’t have a key to the building but normally someone will open the door when they first arrive so that I can get in and be ready to take the phones off of night service at 8:30. Even though I didn’t see anyone else there I thought I would at least check to see if I could get in the building. Once I got to the front door I noticed that all the lights were off, I had never gotten there when they were all off before, but I decided to check the door anyway. I did and it opened immediately. I assumed that someone had arrived through the back door and just hadn’t turned on the front lights yet…I was wrong. I walked in and immediately heard a quick beeping sound, I walked around the corner and saw the security system blinking and flashing an ‘alarm will sound in one minute’ message. And then the alarm did indeed go off. I stood all alone in the dark office with the alarm sounding and all I could think to do was run back outside and hope that an employee with the security alarm code would arrive. 10 minutes later they did and the problem was sorted out, but my goodness it sure made the morning a great deal more sensational and surreal then it needed to be! So, yeah, for my two week anniversary as the newest employee at my job I set off the security alarm. best. receptionist. ever. 😉

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