Hobby Honing


First off can we just take a second and acknowledge how weird the word ‘honing‘ looks written out…it just looks like it’s spelled wrong all the time. 😀

Next, I have decided that I need to begin practicing two of my most favorite hobbies more. Photography and Piano. I have decided that I have become a bit lazy with my skills in both areas and that there is no better time then now to begin really focusing in on and shaping the interest I have for both. I would like to always remember that there is no replacement for sincere practice time and that no one is ever beyond needing practice. The photos in this post are from a shoot I did with my sister-in-law last night, there was no agenda for the shoot, just simply a time for me to work on my ability as a photographer to shoot and direct a subject. At first I felt rushed like I needed to get the perfect shot right away, but over the course of the shoot I began to feel more relaxed and reveled in the freedom to make mistakes in directions the first few times, especially if it meant finding the perfect pose after the 4th or 5th suggestion!

Practice shoots are my plan to grow my photography skills currently and as far as my piano skills go, well, I’ll say more about that soon 😉

IMG_6397 copy

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