a family af-FAIR

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Yesterday was $1 entry day at the state fair so a bunch of my family made plans to meet up together to walk around! Last year I went all out and made a video of our trip to the fair, but this year I went with simplicity and decided to merely shoot with my phone. The great thing about shooting with a phone is that you are so much less concerned with getting every aspect right in the photo, it allows for experience and capturing of the moment to happen a little more seamlessly.

We started off with the state produce, the pumpkins were Justin and I’s favorite part. When we walked in we saw little ones and appraised them as being quite excellent, then we discovered the following selection,

Fair PumpkinsWe thought that a 195 pound pumpkin was the biggest we’d see that night,  and then, we turned and saw THIS:

photo 5

A pumpkin that weighed more than Justin!! 😀 We deemed it thoroughly fit to have won the blue ribbon and continued on our way to the art. The art section included everything from kindergarten art to professional art, a couple of my favorites were the following,

Fair Art

Our favorite part by FAR at the fair is always getting to see and pet the animals!! We met bunnies and more bunnies, huge fat ones and little tiny baby ones, fuzzy cows, little sheep, expressive birds, and a somewhat frightening llama!! 😀

Fair AnimalsFair Bunny

After the animals had been pet and hands had been washed we took a stroll down the midway in search of a treat. Last year I had gotten a funnel cake, but this year my mind was set on getting a twist soft serve cone with rainbow sprinkles!!

Fair JustinBethIn the end the night was a brilliant success, and completely worth the $1 entry!! Our family group that went this year was smaller than last year and the next year could bring changes to family members lives that take them out of the state so it could be that our fair going group will shrink once more, I am grateful though for this year and the memories we were able to make!!


Stole the above photo from my mom, I even reactivated my facebook for a few minutes to get it!! 😀

Oh and p.s. here’s some of us as butterflies 😉

Fair Butterfly

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